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About ÉTA

The ÉTA National Association of Social Organisations and Foundations for Serving the Mentally Handicapped was established in 1997 with the participation of 36 non-governmental organizations.

As of summer (2018) we have 52 NGO’s and the number of our members is growing continually

ÉTA is a nationwide nonprofit public benefit organization, which has been supported by the central budget since 2011.
About 4,000-5,000 people with mental and multiple disabilities, their families, and the helpers and specialists caring for them are under the umbrella of our organization. Our aim: to provide a quality life for the people who are under our umbrella through our services and the protection of their interests.

Our main activities

Protection of interests

  • legal aid service,
  • cooperation with other “umbrella organisations”,
  • participation at OFT (National Disability Council),
  • participation at IFKKOT (national coordinating college of deinstitutionalization)
  • cooperation with policies, international relations,
    furthermore collecting and adapting of good international practices, building international relations and achieving international programs

    Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderung – Austria
    EASPD – European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (European umbrella association in Brussels)

Our services

Services that provide early intervention
ÉTA student volunteers and community service
This project is about organizing, preparing and overseeing the voluntary work of 16-17 years old high school students.

ÉTA Patron Program

ÉTA National Association is looking for people and families who are willing to be patrons to help support young people, primarily those with disabilities, who live in state custody.

ÉTA recreation program

The aim of the project is to organize 5-6 day long team building programs for professionals (who work at our member organizations) far from the work- and family background. Under the supervision of a professional who leads the programs and works towards preventing burn out.

Sensitizing trainings

It gives the delegates the skills and knowledge required to interact and deal with people with mental disabilities with confidence.

Trainings for professionals

Grants for our member organisations
for programs
for supported employment.

Thematic days

We organize regular thematic days for our member organizations. Here they have the opportunity to speak broadly about a theme and get to know each other better.

Mental health services for families

The aim of the program is to offer a 6-7 day long, organized holiday for families that have a family member with disabilities.

Art activities

Fine arts camps of our member organisations
Moving displays
Our association regularly organises (4 times in a year) moving displays where hand-made and marketable products made by mentally handicapped people are displayed.

Organisational development

Our communication activities

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