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About ETA

Established in 1997, with the involvement of 36 non-governmental organisations, registered by the Municipal Court of Budapest, under No. 7732.
Label: prominently public benefit organisation

Current membership: 49 non-governmental organisations (data from October 2016);
Number of the mentally handicapped people cared for, educated and employed under the “umbrella” of the Association: 4-5000 people;
Aim and responsibility of the Association: providing practical assistance to families and organisations concerned in disability.

  1. Exhibitions to show marketable handmade products made by disabled people to students at high schools.
  2. Financial support for training and employment programmes.
  3. Organising teams of student volunteers to support families.
  4. Creative camps for talented handicapped people interested in fine arts.
  5. Programs for professional helpers working with disabled people to prevent burn-out.
  6. Mental health programs for families concerned in disability.
  7. Nation-wide parents’ club based on solidarity.
  8. Operating a grant monitoring service.
  9. Transmitting professional and experience-based information derived from domestic and EU sources.
  10. Publishing and distributing the independent specialised journal ‘ÉTA Hírlevél’ (ETA Newsletter).
  11. Advising in professional, financial and special authorities’ processes.
  12. Participation in the 30-year state strategy accomplishing de-institutionalisation.

Programs of the Association are supported annually by the budget recognized by the Hungarian Parliament.

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